July 17th, 2020

Hallooooo Friday!

And where I live, we’re hot! Crazy hot. I hope you’re all safe and comfortable and happy.

It’s links time!!

90s Festival Generator

90s Festival Generator

Every page load will create a random selection of 90s bands with some randomized design choices.

Band names link to a sample live performance. Super cool.

If The Moon Were A Pixel

If The Moon Were A Pixel

A perpetually scrolling example of the vastness of space.

Sent in by Katrina

Hollowed-Out Jet Engine Camper Took 6 Years, 1,000 Hours to Build

Hollowed-Out Jet Engine Camper Took 6 Years, 1,000 Hours to Build

“Many things are done with grounded aircraft — some rust away in airplane graveyards, while others are sold away to newcomer airlines. But in the time of the coronavirus crisis, people are finding new uses for unused planes, including one mechanic who converted a 1967 Vicker VC10 airliner engine nacelle into a customized camper that fits on a trailer…”

The mechanic: Steve Jones.

This is a beautiful design. Well done.

Also: Suuuuuper tiny. SUPER tiny.

Tallest Tree

Tallest Tree

“Grow your tree as tall as possible in this tower stacking game. Try to land the blocks perfectly to stack your combo multiplier.”

Also: if you don’t land the block precisely, the size you landed becomes your next block.

Super challenging. Very satisfying.

Sent along by Jennifer R.

There we are. Linked!!

Happy Friday!

See you next week.