July 31st, 2020

Oh hello there, Friday!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend! Yaaaaaay!

I hope you are all safe and well. No joke at all.

Also farewell to July. Holy cow that was fast. (To me.)

OK! Friday Links time!

Michael Velliquette: Paper Sculpture

Michael Velliquette: Paper Sculpture

[self explanatory]

“Michael Velliquette is a paper sculptor whose intricate works combine exuberant abundance with an inventive formalism.”

These almost look like they’re 3d printed. I imagine they look stunning in person.

Well done.

Photoreal Roman Emperor Project

Photoreal Roman Emperor Project

“Using the neural-net tool Artbreeder, Photoshop and historical references, I have created photoreal portraits of Roman Emperors. For this project, I have transformed, or restored (cracks, noses, ears etc.) 800 images of busts to make the 54 emperors of The Principate (27 BC to 285 AD).”

This is fascinating. Incredible work.

Note: There are links to different eras of the leadership which feature more of the artwork.

Somewhat making the rounds, and for good reason.



The game gives you a country and you have to correctly click on it on the map.

Super challenging. I’ve been trying to just memorize African countries. If they had it for just that, I’d probably be using this every day.

Anyway: great!



A fairly challenging side-scroller with some great sound effects.


There we go. Friday links!

Have an excellent (long?) weekend, and see you next week.