August 28th, 2020

Welcome to the last Friday of August 2020. (Also known as March 180th, 2020.)

And look!


Prosthesis: Mech Racing | Alpha Mech Pilot Program

Prosthesis: Mech Racing | Alpha Mech Pilot Program

“Fourteen years ago our team had a grand vision for a global racing league that would pit multiple world-class athletes in head-to-head competitions, through complex, technical obstacle courses, wearing giant, powered mech suits.”

This is bananas!

I would 100% watch the hell out of these competitions though.

Somewhat making the rounds. What a crazy project!

Hey speaking of crazy projects…

Harrods for Everything

Harrods for Everything

Harrods for Everything is the apt title of a huge 1,525-page catalogue from about 1912, produced by the famous London department store which is still in existence today.”

This is fantastic. Look how much the entire world has changed just by leafing through this.

It took a pretty gargantuan effort as well.

Note: hteir server is not super fast. Takes a while to load. Still cool.

h/t: metafilter

Related: you can buy a print version of the 1901 T. Eaton Co catalog.

Hey speaking of catalogues…

IKEA kataloger: 1950-2020

IKEA kataloger: 1950-2020

Yes. You can browse all of the Ikea catalogues between 1950 and 2020.

This one is the

first one that came to my family’s mailbox in May of 1981. (in English.)

Well done.

You move a small hole, make things fall into it, and the hole grows. You also slow down the bigger you get.

Avoid other competing holes.

Simple! Challenging.

It’s kind of like Katamary Damaci, only you use gravity instead of stickiness.

And there we go: links! On a Friday! Friday Links!

Enjoy your last weekend of August 2020. Stay safe. Be well.

See you in seven days!