October 30th, 2020

Look out it’s Friday!!

And it’s the last Friday of October 2020. That was super fast.

And Happy Hallowe’en!

Links time let’s gooooooo…

The House on Blue Lick Road

The House on Blue Lick Road

This is… quite the story! And such a bizarre structure!

It used to be a church, then a christian school, and most recently was owned by a bunch of criminals who used it to store stolen goods inside it.

The architecture is super confusing! The 3d walk-through is both interesting and really frustrating.

This is making the rounds but I thought it was still worth sharing in case you somehow missed it.

Origami Simulator

Origami Simulator

“This app allows you to simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold. It may look a little different from what you typically think of as “origami” – rather than folding paper in a set of sequential steps, this simulation attempts to fold every crease simultaneously.”

Really beautifully executed. Wow.

It doesn’t make fully clear how to do the folds or in which sequence. But holy cow look at the complicated examples they have.

Somewhat making the rounds, deservedly.

Just Scream!

Just Scream!

“Wait for the beep. Scream. Hang up. That’s all there is to it.”

They have a daily collection. [https://justscream.baby/listen/]

Bow Mania

Bow Mania

A fun, challenging, addictive little game. Hit only the apple on top of a person’s head.

It’s fun to try to do each shot super fast. It’s hard, but it’s fun!

And there we go! Linkkkkkked up!

Happy Friday everybody!

See you next week (month)!


October 23rd, 2020

Well happy Friday everybody.

So good to see you again. And look! It’s Frrrriiiiidaaaayyyyy!

Links time!

Vocodes: Vocal Playground

Vocodes: Vocal Playground

Not just any text to speech site. They replicate – fairly accurately – anime and cartoon voices as well as several celebrities.

This is amazing!

12 Sunsets: Exploring Ed Ruscha’s Archive

12 Sunsets: Exploring Ed Ruscha's Archive

“Originally captured as the medium for Ed Ruscha’s creative work, the more than 65,000 photographs selected from this archive present a unique view of one of Los Angeles’ quintessential streets, Sunset Boulevard, and how it has changed over the past 50 years.”

Quite an interesting project. I wonder how many other cities this would be possible with (using existing archival imagery.)

h/t: Kottke.

NYC MTA Subway Map

NYC MTA Subway Map

I don’t live in New York, but if I did this would be a godsend!

Live subway status including real-time subway train location.

A pretty great making-of video is available as well.



A fast-paced stacking game. Stack until you can’t anymore.

It’s challenging! Kind of tense.

As you can tell from my score, I’m not very good at this one. 🙂

Sent in by Treena A.

Bonus Link!

‘Scooby Don’ Impressionist James Austin Johnson on How to Impersonate Our Dying Wet President

‘Scooby Don’ Impressionist James Austin Johnson on How to Impersonate Our Dying Wet President

Look i know we’re honestly all SICK TO DEATH of hearing his voice, but this impression is absolutely amazing.

“That’s the main thing I focus on, is that this is a rasping old man who is inches from death at any moment.”

Sent in by Traci T.

And there we have it! Allllll linked up.

Happy Friday!

See you next week everybody.


October 16th, 2020

Hoorah! It is Friday!

And look: Links!

Let’s goooooowuh!



“We trained a StyleGAN2 neural network using the portfolio of a certain street artist to create GANksy, a twisted visual genius whose work reflects our unsettled times.”

These are, in my honest opinion, fantastic.

Weird, somewhat H. R. Geiger-ish, 2020 needed this.

You can buy prints of course.

Spooky Halloween Pies By Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin

Spooky Halloween Pies By Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin

Holy crap LOOK at these!

Her Instagram is worth a follow for sure.

See also her Prince, Betty White, and Bruce Willis / Die Hard pies.

She’s a definite artist.



“Realistic handwriting generator. Convert text to handwriting using an in-browser recurrent neural network. Choose from various print and cursive styles. Customize the outputs and download as SVG.”

If you try the same method repeatedly, each try looks slightly different.

Super interesting.

Moto X3M Spooky Land

Moto X3M Spooky Land

It’s fun!

Takes some practise to get the controls down. Fun!

And there you go: Links… For your happy Friday.

Have a great Autumn weekend everybody.


October 9th, 2020

Well hello there all you Friday people!

It’s links time!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend.

Let’s go!

Roland 808303.studio

Roland 808303.studio

A virtual Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, and Roland TB-303 Bass Line composer. In your browser. You can create new pieces with it and record them.

It sounds fantastic!

Lo-Fi Player

Lo-Fi Player

“Welcome to our magical room! By interacting with elements in the room, you can build

your own custom music stream.”

This is a bit basic but the idea is playful.

Penguin Of The Year 2020

Penguin Of The Year 2020

“The original Penguin of the Year is back for a third year and it’s your chance to vote for the penguin that has captured your heart.”

From the National Aquarium of New Zealand.


I voted for Burny.

Last Ball

Last Ball

You roll the bar as far as you can and try to avoid obstacles and collect points.

It gets pretty challenging!

They made the playing area too tall for my laptop’s screen, so finding the restart icon took some time. Still good!


Friday is now linked!

I hope your (long?) weekend is fabulous.

See you next Friday!


October 2nd, 2020

Hello Friday!

And October!

And (where I live) cold!

It’s Friday Links time!

For The Last Decade, Artist And Collector Thomas Sauvin Recovered Discarded Negatives From A Recycling Plant Outside Beijing

For The Last Decade, Artist And Collector Thomas Sauvin Recovered Discarded Negatives From A Recycling Plant Outside Beijing

“His Beijing Silvermine archive, one of the largest archival projects in China, now encompasses over 850000 anonymous photographs spanning the period from 1985 to 2005, thus allowing the reconstruction of a large part of the history of popular analogue photography in the country. This unceasingly evolving archive provides a visual platform for cross-cultural interactions, while impacting on our collective memory of the recent past.”

These are GOLD!

Also: So much smoking!

Small Scale L.A.

Small Scale L.A.

“I build miniatures inspired by my love of LA’s iconic businesses and historic buildings.”

These are fantastic!

h/t: MessyNessyChic

A List Of Things I’ve Learned About The Comic Book Industry Since I Got Into It In 1970, Many But Not All Of Which Still Apply

A List Of Things I've Learned About The Comic Book Industry Since I Got Into It In 1970, Many But Not All Of Which Still Apply

From Mark Evanier, who was mentored by legendary comic artist Jack Kirby

“#28: One of the biggest mistakes made by beginners involves the density of information. They try to convey too much of it in one panel or too little.”

Spot The Troll

Spot The Troll

This is where we are now, in 2020.

Sounds about right.

And so there we go. Links. On Friday. In October.

Have a great weekend everybody!