April 16th, 2021

Hello at last Friday fans!

Apologies for the lack of links last week but it’s the first time in six years I hadn’t posted, and I needed the break.

But we’re back!

And it’s now late-April! That was fast.

Links time!

Species In Pieces

Species In Pieces

“In Pieces is an interactive exhibition turned study into 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species — their survivals laying literally, in pieces.”

Beautifully executed.

Yamuchi No. 10 Family Office

Yamuchi No. 10 Family Office

“Assets that have no meaning or purpose simply turn into cold, lifeless cash—and that is why we at the Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office are constantly looking for new meaning in our assets.”

Uhhhh… what?

A dynamically scrolling 3d web… thing!



A weird 3d explorable…. Thing. (Notice a trend?)

Each individual item can be clicked on and explored in more detail. Lots of interesting stuff here.

Beautiful. Mysterious.

Press Button

Press Button

Sorrrrt of self explanatory. Press button! Other times: create the button, THEN press the button.

A little addictive. More challenging than you probably think. Also way, way too short. But still amazing!

There we go! Friday: alllllll linked up!

Happy Friday, and have an excellent weekend.

See you next Friday.