April 23rd, 2021

Well happy Friday everybody!

Busy week!

I can slowly, slowly see things getting better. Still a ways to go. I hope you’re all staying safe and warm and as happy as you can be.

It is links time!

Johnny Cash Has Been Everywhere

Johnny Cash Has Been Everywhere

An insane but very cool Google Map hack that puts place markers for every city and town mentioned in the Johnny Cash hit “I’ve Been Everywhere”.

It also tabulates the distance between each location so you can see how many miles are traveled throughout the song.


The Endless Acid Banger

The Endless Acid Banger

“The music you hear is generated in your browser by a randomised algorithm, below you can see the notes and parameters that are currently in use. You can also interact with various parameters and buttons manually.”

If you leave it alone it will progress on its own.

Explore georeferenced maps

Explore georeferenced maps

“In our ‘Map images’ resource you can access and view all the maps we have scanned as high-resolution, colour, zoomable images. The maps date between 1560 and 1970 and relate primarily to Scotland.”

Very cleverly executed although the user interface is a bit chunky.

Endless Captcha

Endless Captcha

Exactly what it claims to be.

As someone who regularly has to test his own code which frequently involves multiple captcha runs, no thanks. But knock yourself out!

And there we go!

Friday: All linked up!

Happy Friday! Have an excellent weekend.

See you in seven days.