June 4th, 2021

Happy Friday!

June! We made it to June.

And where I live we’re getting an intense heatwave. Whuhoooooo…. (?)

And now it’s time for the links let’s goooooo.

Posters for the Japanese National Pillow Fighting Contest

Promo Posters for the Japanese National Pillow Fighting Contest

The title of this page is (in Google translated English) “A collaboration between Airi Hatakeyama and the All Japan Pillow Fight Tournament! Liven up Ito City by throwing pillow fights!”

Look at the composition of these posters! Holy crap!

Sent in by Miko C.

Agatha Yu: Play

Agatha Yu: Play

“Here are the souvenirs of my odd making adventures.”

A super talented artist and animator.

These are gold.

h/t: swissmiss



Design your own custom die. Then export it as an STL file and you can 3d print your custom die / dice.

Pretty awesome! Sadly there is no gallery of the existing creations but I love this.

Keep it Powered

Keep it Powered

You are a little robot with limited battery power. You have to hit all hte battery icons. Jumps cost extra power.

A pretty challenging little platformer.

Bonus Link!



Just like it says…


And there we go!

Friday Linkssssss!

Happy Friday again. Stay safe, stay dry, stay cool.

See you next week.