August 13th, 2021

Welcome back to Friday… the thirteenth (!) everybody.

My city is back to 90% heavy rain again. Bleah. But it’s still August, still Summer, still Friday.

And it’s link time!!



This is an amazing, weird little site.

You type in a phrase, and this site finds one or more YouTube videos where someone said that phrase, and even plays from a few moments before the phrase was said.

This is a crrrrazy piece of tech. I kind of love it.

The Photography of Frank Oscar Larson – 1896-1964

The Photography of Frank Oscar Larson - 1896-1964

With a particular focus on the mid-1950s in New York City. Fantastic.

A good synopsis and gallery also available here.

Bauhaus Generator

Bauhaus Generator

Very basic interface. You can choose the color palette and just generate randomly. I found myself wishing I could “go back” to ones I generated three steps ago.

Well done!

h/t Kottke.

Endless Arrow

Endless Arrow

Aim and fire, then guide the arrow. Avoid obstacles. Hit bullseyes. Avoid cows.

It’s pretty basic but I like it.

Huzzah! Friday links… Allll set.

Happy Friday! And I hope your weekend feels longer than it actually is.

See you in a week!