September 10th, 2021

Well happy Friday everybody!

We are within September now. Just barrelling along in 2021. Keep going.

And it’s Friday! Yay!

Links time let’s goooooo…



“Can you watch the movie with your parents?”

[self explanatory]


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Where is this dish from?

Where is this dish from?

You’re presented with a photo, a list of ingredients, and a selection of possible countries.

The sheer volume of countries that make curries makes it super challenging. I like this!

Sent in by Tara P., but also apparently making the rounds.

The Oral History Of Idiocracy, Mike Judge’s Time Travel Triumph

The Oral History Of Idiocracy, Mike Judge's Time Travel Triumph

“In 2006, idiocracy predicted the future.

“The only problem? It did too good of a job.”

It is kind of amazing that this film got funded, produced, shot, edited and released. Even pitching this movie today would not get it anywhere.


Tiny Town Racing

Tiny Town Racing

A weirdly designed game where you avoid cars and obstacles, collect reward items, and can power-up.

It’s fast!

My only complaint: why is it autoscrolling when you try to center the actual game? Stop doing that!

We did it you guys! We linked up Friday!

Happy Friday! And have a fantastic weekend.

See you next week.