December 10th, 2021

Hello, and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

We’re in the thick of the Christmas season and I threw together a few guides for charity and gifting.

As I do nearly every year, I recommend giving to Covenant House. If you have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, and a job to go to, it’s worth it to send some of your income to this charity.

Red Door Family Shelter is also an excellent charity to donate to.

Canada Helps has an excellent charity giving guide, under the guise of it being a gift guide.

Charitynavigator also has a decent one.

And at there is a list of the top 10 charities that help children specifically.

It appears that rather than just have one specific gift guide, the magazine industry in particular has split everything into weirdly specific groups of gift guides, indicating that ad impressions are more important than, you know, actually providing the info we’re looking for.

Esquire has four specific xmas gift guides this year.

Elle has a few specific gift guides (including one specifically branded one.)

The whole vibe is different. I don’t like it. But you have to do what you can do when ad revenue is down. (The spirit of xmas, right?)

And two more I actually did like:

The Guardian

Real Simple

Nearly nobody I know is giving gifts this xmas. It’s nearly all donations and charity. And that is a good thing. Merry Christmas!

And now: the links!

Eat Like A Sultan

Eat Like A Sultan

“Welcome to Daniel Newman’s website on the history of Arab cooking in the Middle Ages. The site combines two passions of mine, food and history. The site is much more than mere facts or historical background as it brings medieval recipes back to life through painstaking recreation of the original dishes.”

Medieval Arab food and techniques!



“Top books recommended by famous folk, in 3m or less.”

Not so much “reading” the book itself so much as “gleaning” the key points of the book so you can talk to people as though you had.

It’s an interesting idea!

Scale of the Universe 2

Scale of the Universe 2

Use a scrollbar to zoom waaaaaaaayyyyyy down to the subatomic level, or way, way, wayyyyyyy up to the macro full-size universe scale.

This is fun to bookmark because you can turn to it while you’re on hold during a zoom call. There is never not something to learn about micro or macro scale objects.

Space Is Key Christmas

Space Is Key Christmas

Use your spacebar (which is key) to jump your block over other blocks.

Surprisingly challenging!

Well there we go. All linked up!

Merry Christmas! Happy Friday! Have an excellent weekend.

Stay safe.