December 24th, 2021

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Friday!

And it’s the second- last Friday of this terrible, terrible year.

I unfortunately got a little too busy (xmas stuff) and everything in my city is back to being pretty well shut right down, so I only have a reduced amount of Friday Links for you.

We finally made it here. It feels both so fast and way, way too slow.

First: Kottke has compiled several “Best photos of 2021” lists which I recommend. Holy crap what a year.



“The new way to find the next book to read! Let AI to help you discover the best books for you…”

Interesting! I haven’t yet used it for an actual recommendation but I think I will.

You Don’t Know African flags

You Don't Know African flags

I know exactly three African flags.

Still fun!

Sooooo that’s all I have this week. 🙁

Happy Holidays, and I hope you’re all safe and as well as you can be.

See you next Friday!