January 7th, 2022

Happy Friday! Happy New Year!

We made it! (I hope)

And it’s Links time!!

Let’s go!

Mini Tokyo 3D

Mini Tokyo 3D

You can zoom in, move around, discover the current location of a specific train, and then follow that train as it moves. It also has live cameras throughout.

This must have taken quite a bit of work. So crazy!

Note: It’s a live, real time monitoring setup.

Template Maker

Template Maker

Choose the unit of measurement, enter the specific measurement you want, and print paper templates to make bags, cylinders, boxes (including lids, etc.) of your choosing.

A brilliant site. Well done.

Space News To Watch in 2022

Space News To Watch in 2022

The past three years have seen some very important innovations and breakthroughs in the space launch sector.

2022 will include several brand new types of craft launching for the first time, and specifically a whole lot of probes being launched to the moon.

Exciting stuff!

Jet Rush

Jet Rush

Move only left or right to avoid obstacles.

It gets pretty fast pretty quickly. Challenging!

Huzzah! Friday links complete!

Have a lovely Friday and an excellent weekend.

See you next Friday!