April 15th, 2022

Happy Good Friday!

It’s a long weekend and where I live it’s finally feeling like actual Spring weather. (With rain, sure.)

And it’s links time!

Cameron Robbins: Wind Drawings

Cameron Robbins: Wind Drawings

“The Wind Drawing Machines are installed in different locations to receive weather energy and translate it into an abstract format of ink drawings on paper”

Really interesting!

Sent in by longtime friend Stewie.

Park My Spaceship

Park My Spaceship

Choose a ship, place it over any geographic location to see its scale.

You can also choose seasonal items like Santa’s sleigh, etc.

Nicely done!

Chef’n: Smores Roaster

Chef'n: Smores Roaster

Note: for outdoor use.

A delightful little device!

Sent along by Kevin H.

Easter Egg Hop

Easter Egg Hop

Weirdly named in that: there’s no hopping.

Try to collect baby chicks, butterflies, and eggs, and the faster the better. Avoid hens.

Happy Easter!

Well there you go. Links!! Friday!

Have a great (long?) weekend, and I’ll see you next week.